Girls of American History
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Sample curriculum Unit 1 Nez Perce / Kaya®

Sample pages only. Sample includes overview of content for unit one, a brief introduction to the complete curriculum, and several pages from Unit 1. Complete guides include detailed schedule, resources and additional information.

Complete curriculum includes all eight units with approximately 85 pages. Individual units are approximately 12-15 pages each. For more detailed information about each unit please see the "About" pages on the Girls of American History website.


Sample curriculum Unit 3 Southwestern / Josefina®

This set of sample pages is for the Southwest, Josefina Unit. This is only a small part of the unit. All links to the resources have been removed – as this is a sample. All of the resource information will be available on the purchased product. Remember that this curriculum is meant to fit your family. Do as little or as much of the projects and field trips as you like.


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