American Girl - Girls of American History - The Original Set - Units 1-8 - Co-op/School License

Stroll down the streets of Williamsburg, sail across the Atlantic Ocean, gallop along the Columbia River in the Pacific Northwest - all this and more will capture your students and engage them to learn more about our American history. Follow eight young girls on a journey through time. Watch as our country, government and culture change and how that affects life in the different time periods and how these girls discovered more about themselves and the world they live in. This curriculum uses the original eight historical girls from the American Girl® collection. Those girls are Kaya, Felicity, Josefina, Kirsten, Addy, Samantha, Kit and Molly. This is a multi-sensory curriculum, integrating hearing, seeing, writing, saying, doing. This is a curriculum for both boys and girls. Don’t let the “Girls” part of the title fool you. Crafts include; pottery, leather work, weaving, drawing, cooking and much more. Field trips and education vacation suggestions are also included. Includes eight units that are six weeks in length each. All units now include spelling and vocabulary, State/Country study, Character analysis worksheets, then and now comparison worksheet, news article prep, book summary, chapter summary with drawing, and digging deeper project suggestions. This product is sent via email as a PDF file.

As a teacher, it can be difficult to find the right curriculum to balance the needs of your students,  meet the requirements set before you and still be interesting and engaging for both boys and girls.

Making history engaging for students is possibly one of the most difficult tasks for teachers.  How do we overcome that?  Two key things are critical for accomplishing this task.  First, it must be relatable in someway, and secondly, it needs to offer learning opportunities for multiple learning styles.  Girls of American History uses the popular American Girl book series.  This instantly makes history relatable, as the main characters are school age children, families and strong male characters. 

Girls of American History uses multisensory learning, which follows a pattern of Do It, Write It, Say It, Read It, See It.  Multisensory learning is great for every kind of learner - because each learner gets to experience learning the way they are most comfortable - but they also have the opportunity to learn through other senses.  Studies and research have shown that learning material through multiple senses helps children to retain information better.

The experiences practiced in multisensory learning allow each student to participate in ways that help them understand and retain best.  Boys and girls learn together and help each other with projects such as as making Native American accesories, growing a garden, having discussions about the story, historical information, geography, as well as positive character traits such as bravery, selflessness, etc.    

Schooling multiple ages together, in a co-op setting for example, is very manageable.  And, with the continuity of the same subject matter for literature and history, as well as crafts and field trip experiences, opportunities for discussion are plentiful and help build a love of learning.

Make history come alive with highly educational and facinating field trips identified state by state.  This set includes eight, six week unit studies using the American Girl® Kaya®, Felicity®, Josefina®, Kirsten®, Addy®, Samantha®, Kit® and Molly® series books. This curriculum is great for doing school in a large class setting,  or a smaller co-op environment.  Enjoy class parties with end of the unit celebrations that bring everything for the unit together at the end.

There are two options for the required readers for this unit.  American Girl orignally printed these stories in a six book set. These stories have been reformatted into a three book set called "Beforever".  Either book set will work for this curriculum.  *(Felicity, Kirsten and Molly are only available in the six book set)

Follow eight young girls on a journey through time.  Watch as our country, government and culture change and how that affects life in the different time periods and how these girls discovered more about themselves and the world they live in.  

The time periods covered in this set include;

1764 - Nez Perce Indians

1774 - American Revolution

1824 - Southwestern USA and the early 19th century

1854 - Pioneer Times and Immigration, Oregon Trail

1864 - Civil War

1904 - Turn of the 20th Century

1934 - The Great Depression

1944 - World War II


Craft and field trip ideas from the time periods are included in the unit to help enhance the study. Some examples of *crafts include; teepee craft, weaving, kite making, leather work, canoe craft, drawings and more.

**Crafts are not included in the purchase of the curriculum, but resources and instruction as to what crafts to purchase are included.  Some units do include free craft templates.    Co-op/School License allows permission for the purchasing school allow as many teachers to teach this curriculum to as many groups and classes as they like.  There is no expiration.  The school may not make copies for parents, or other schools/co-ops.  The file remains the property of the purchasing school only.