Cathy Duffy
"Girls of American History can serve as your core curriculum for history and geography, and might offer most of the activity needed for language arts depending upon the needs of your child. It also incorporates lessons on character development...

Despite the fact that these are studies with stories about girls, boys can also participate fully. In fact, many activities such as building your own teepee might be even more appealing to some boys than to girls. The studies are multisensory as children listen to read alouds, read independently, discuss what they have read, create lapbooks, make crafts, participate in field trips, play games, watch DVDS, make food, and write about what they have learned...

Each study should take about six weeks, although some might take longer. You need to purchase each character’s series of books for the corresponding study. You will also need to borrow or purchase other books, especially craft and cook books. Lists of optional resources are provided on the publisher’s website..."

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Home School For Two
"If you are a parent, chances are you have some American Girl paraphernalia floating around your house or accumulating on your child’s wish list. Perhaps you’ve even splurged for a doll or a trip to an American Girl Store. When we work with our children, we know that what they remember most is what they love. Children learn best when they are moving and doing, going and seeing. Justine Gamble has taken the best of hands-on learning experiences and combined them with the beloved book series in her new curriculum, Girls of American History."
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The Cozy Nook
"She has created units that support a multi-sensory approach where children are: reading, hearing, seeing, writing, and doing to maximize their learning efforts! There are eight units altogether, which cover various aspects of American History, like Indian life, the American Revolution, Pioneer Times, and the Great Depression." "If you have an appreciation for hands-on curriculum, you’ll want to check out Girls of American History. Justine has done the hard part – putting the bits and pieces together for a great learning experience! All you have to do is put her great resources to work!"
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I Choose Joy
"The document included lots of information such as books to read, instructions and pictures for crafts, and ideas for art and lapbooks to do. It also gave several ideas of field tips and how to have a Mexican Fiesta night to celebrate the end of the study. One thing that was particularly helpful was the weekly plans and schedule. It tells you exactly what to read and do for each of the 6 weeks of the study!
On the website you’ll be given access to the resource page which is packed full of great links! There was so much more that we we didn’t have time for. I did choose some activities which required me to go out and purchase supplies for, but I could have just done some of the lapbook activities which would have been free."

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HS Post
"Girls of American History creator Justine Gamble, believes that for everything a child studies, they should read it, write it, see it, hear it, and do it. Therefore, each unit includes: -Reading with the books, -Arts and crafts activities, -Suggested field trips, -Lapbook activities, -a Resource page full of additional ideas and activities
The girls loved listening to the stories of Kaya and drawing pictures about what we had read. They also enjoyed the crafts. They each made a canoe (though the unit calls for it to be made of leather, we did it with construction paper) and also a vest (with an old pillow case because we had a difficult time finding brown paper bags). The best part of the whole unit, according to the girls, were the field trips we took...

The ladies who reviewed these units have said they are worth every penny!"

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"What I like best about Girls of American History: I love the concept of using historical fiction as a springboard for learning more about history. It keeps things interesting when you can combine history with a good story.
Though I use it individually with my daughter, Girls of American History would also work well in a group or co-op setting.
If you’re looking for an interesting history study, Girls of American History is worth considering. It would be particularly good for kids who already love reading historical fiction or the American Girl series."

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Home School Circus
"Each flexible unit includes a weekly schedule, list of books, craft resources, field trip ideas, party ideas and more! This isn't an total curriculum, but a VERY useful guide to "add depth, interest, interaction, crafts and a historical perspective into a particular time period...
I am very satisfied with the content and layout of this guide. Since it will fit in perfectly with our Tapestry of Grace Year 2 curriculum, I will be saving this until we hit the Revolutionary War time period. I will also be blogging about Felicity, crafts made and the use of this guide in action in our "Weekly Wrap Ups"."

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Glimpse of our Life
"This Girls of American History series of lessons would have been just right for my girls a few years ago. My girls loved reading the American Girl books and we used them as a gentle introduction to different time periods when they were younger."
"With unit studies we have completed in he past, I've enjoyed exploring additional topics that grabbed the interest of my students. This author planned for that and included a list of additional optional study points categorized as biography, geography, character studies, and language arts. "

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The Old Schoolhouse Magazine
"Since Lauren, my younger daughter, loves anything and everything American Girl®, she loved using the historical fiction books as part of her schoolwork. The Girls of American History curriculum has a recommended age range of 2nd-6th grade, and even though Lauren is only a first grader, she enjoyed me reading the books aloud to her and to doing some of the activities. One of Lauren’s favorite activities was to write a daily newspaper the way that Kit did in those books.
The Girls of American History curriculum guides would work well for a family that likes to use unit studies, especially for a parent that doesn’t feel confident enough to gather resources and ideas on her own."

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Hiding The Peas Blog
"I consider myself a bit of a history gal in my older years, I have realized that there are a great many stories that have gone unheard through my many years of schooling and adult life...My kids were equally excited about having a chance to participate in some hands on activities and learn more about Native Americans who lived only a state away from us...Simply said, we loved it. We were able to use the links provided for our craft activities and found most of the items we needed around our home. The kids created awesome cave paintings, made teepees, canoes and even played a genuine Nez Perce game while learning how to eat some traditional Nez Perce food, as well...Our family HIGHLY recommends the Kaya Unit Study. Our eyes were open to the real life story of this American girl Kaya and the furthering story of the Nez Perce’s flight from their native land. The story of Chief Joseph was remarkable...We are already planning our field trips next summer based on Justine Gamble’s, the author of The Girls of American History unit studies, suggestions."
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HomeSchool GameSchool
"I seriously love the American Girl books, so much that I’ve been known to read them on my own...I love unit studies but I don’t always love the unit studies I see available for purchase because the content just isn’t there. When I shop for a unit study I want to see a book list, craft ideas, working (!) website links, and ideas for teaching multiple subjects. Basically, I want all of the hard stuff done for me... I was expecting a lot from this unit study, and I was not disappointed. Justine Gamble, the author of the Girls of American History, has really covered all the bases. She really “gets it”, like me she has 5 children who are homeschooled, so she knows what a unit study should look like."
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A Great Balancing Act
"Girls of American History are a go-to for students who love the American Girl series of historical fiction! Super easy to print-out, implement and use, and can be changed up in a variety of ways to meet individual learners. You can focus on a specific girl and period of time, or get the 12 unit set, a complete study of American history that can be finished in two school years."
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Vicki Arnold
"What I love about this series of unit studies is that it takes something that a LOT of little girls love and brings the real history into the mix. My girls love the historical fiction genre. They love the idea of exploring the world of girls just like them that lived long ago...The unit study covers history, geography, vocabulary, arts and crafts, character study, and includes suggestions for biographies and field trips to round out the study. Justine has gathered a nice selection of crafts that go with this and I know that takes time."
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A Moment With Mom
"My daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed our study of New Orleans set in the mid-1800s. As a home educating parent I enjoyed re-reading books that my daughter and I have already read but from a new perspective the second time. Not only were the Marie-Grace and Cecile books fun to read aloud together but we were also searching for information and incorporating historical facts into the storyline as we read. We both agreed that the historical learning aspect of this study added so much more enjoyment to the popular fiction books that otherwise isn’t there. Also, as a non-crafty homeschool parent I thoroughly appreciated the creative projects and resources that were included in this study. I was introduced to projects and craft kits that I would have never thought of trying or using in our homeschool studies."
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Embracing Destiny
"Since we’re always looking for homeschool lessons to go along with the books we enjoy reading, the Girls of American History Curriculum is a perfect fit for us. Written by homeschool mom Justine Gamble, it takes a unit study approach, which is one of our favorite learning methods...One of the neat features about the Girls of American History study is the access to the material on the website. Once you purchase the unit study, you can login and get a list of related activities, craft projects, and even field trip ideas. There is also a list of additional books to read that accompany the historical time period...If you have a daughter in the 8-12 age range who loves to read and/or loves American Girl books, I recommend the Girls of American History unit studies. At only $7.95 per study (or $72 for the whole set of 12), they are reasonably priced. They can make planning simple for busy homeschool moms and make history more relatable and enjoyable for kids."
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Water On The Floor
"I had never read an American Girl book because I assumed there were nothing more than meaningless twaddle. Boy was I wrong! These books have sparked a love for history in my otherwise science-loving daughter! As good as the books are, wouldn’t it be even better to use them as a way to learn about history? Justine Gamble has already done that very thing for you! She put together some great unit studies...Aurora has had so much fun working through this unit study! She is ready to get another one!"
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Grace Filled Homeschooling
"Since we already own the Felicity series this was a great place to start. I love how each unit is structured in itself. You can choose to travel through history or simply pick the units you want to study...The Felicity study has been much fun for my girls. My oldest two especially enjoy our story time each day. Story time is something I have been making an effort to do more faithfully...Unlike traditional literature studies, there is not a question an answer guide for the books. As an English teacher I was surprised by this, but not disappointed in any way. The idea of these units is to engaged children in literature and history through active learning rather than passively answering questions...For anyone looking for unique unit studies this is a really good fit and I believe your children will be thoroughly engaged throughout our time with them! "
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To The Moon and Back
"I immediately knew that this was something that my little girl would adore. This multi sensory curriculum, geared for students in 2nd-6th grade, utilizes the American Girl historical fiction series to create an interactive literature based unit. There are currently twelve units available, one for each of the current historical characters...The unit is designed to take six weeks, using one book per week. It is easily adjusted if your own family's needs are different. We stretched it out slightly longer since it was not being used as our core curriculum and we wanted to take our time and thoroughly enjoy the activities. My daughter savored every bit of it and has already asked if we can do another unit soon...Overall, this is a wonderful option for any homeschooling girl who loves American Girl. It combines a beloved book series with real hands on learning. "
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