Each Study Contains

Suggested 6 week Lesson Plan for each unit, Deeper Study options

Literature Guide, spelling, vocabulary, geography

Analysis worksheets, Then and Now

Suggestions and Resource Information for Arts & Crafts, Field Trip, Meals, Games and more

Each unit is designed to be six weeks long – however some units such as the American Revolution have so much to learn about that you could easily lengthen it. Do not feel like all of the activities and crafts are required - use the information like a buffet and use what you like.  You can always come back and do a deeper study another time.

You may use this as a history curriculum – adding in non fictional history for the appropriate time period. You may also use this simply as a literature guide. You may use this alongside a current history curriculum, integrating the literary time periods with what you are teaching in history. You may also use this as a core curriculum, supplementing where you feel you need to. Some families take a less is more approach, while others prefer more structure. This is a flexible curriculum meant to fit with your family schooling and learning styles.